Tiki Girl (Go a-Go-Go)

I filmed a time lapse video while creating the cover for my friend Brian Dorn's new album "Tiki Girl and the Gamma Tangents" and put the title track from the album "Tiki Girl (Go a-Go-Go)" in the vid. Check it out below!


Zuul and her Dog

I have a pretty awesome shirt up on Teefury now.  Check it out! Meanwhile, lots of fun stuff in the pipeline! Updates coming soon! Keep in touch! Instagram | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | Deviant Art

Kickstarter Project Skillfully Blends Gaming And Comics

Big Beaver Hat, a new company comprised of gaming industry veterans, have launched a hybrid video game/comic book on Kickstarter called "Sword of Gary 6000". Inspired by classic 2D games, "Sword of Gary 6000" is a multi-platform sword fighting game where our hero, Gary, is accidentally chosen as Earth’s champion for an intergalactic gladiator tournament. …

Christopher Lee and the Evil Dead

I was lucky enough to be asked to create designs for two Teefury shirts this year: A currently unavailable charity tee honoring the life and work of one of my favorite actors, Christopher Lee, (with some of the proceeds going to Unicef) and an Evil Dead themed tee which is still currently for sale.